A branch is a version of the repository that diverges from the main working project.

In simple words, with branches, we a taking a copy of the code to work and experiment, inside a repo, so that we don't disturb the mainline.

Why do we need branches?

▪️ Develop new features.

▪️ Safely experiment with new ideas

▪️ Fixing bugs.

📌By default the project is on the main or master branch, depending on the project setting.

Pradumna Saraf branch.png

Creating a Branch.

The branch can be created on our projects or the projects we have Forked.

Good practices:

▪️ Try to give a proper name to a Branch.

▪️ Always try to create a branch with the latest commit.

▪️ While contributing to a project, firstly create a branch from the main/master branch and then work on it.

▪️ Delete the merged branches.

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