Community Profile

Community Profile

The community profile help grows the community and supports contributors.

A project includes recommended community health files, such as README, CODE_OF_CONDUCT, LICENSE, etc in a supported location.

Community profile checklist:

▪️ As a repository owner or maintainer, the community profile checklist helps us to see if our project meets the recommended community standards to help people use and contribute to your project.

▶️ Steps to check the checklist:

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Checklist elements:


It gives users a detailed description of a project. It can also be described as documentation with guidelines on how to use a project. Usually, it will have instructions on how to install and run the project.

✅ Code of conduct

A code of conduct defines standards for how to engage in a community. It signals an inclusive environment that respects all contributions.

✅ Contributing Guidelines

It helps new contributors to understand the whole process of the contribution to that project. It saves time and hassle caused by improperly created pull requests or issues that have to be rejected and re-submitted.

✅ Issue templates & Pull request template

Issue and pull request templates customize and standardize the information you'd like contributors to include when they open issues and pull requests in your repository.


license it so that others are free to use, change, and distribute the software. Every license has its own protocols.

Website for choosing the Open Source Licence.

"The only repo you need"

Aim: To build a GitHub repo and to bring all Bootcamp tweets and materials in one place, which will help the new learners in the future.

Repo Link 👇 (Don't forget to ⭐ the repo).

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