Learn Git and GitHub in a more fun way

Learn Git and GitHub in a more fun way

We always watch tons of videos and tutorials and skim through lots of documentation to learn some concept or any programming language.

But you know you can learn git and GitHub in a more fun way like playing games or visualizing. YES! you head it right, "by playing games"

Here are some of the resources to learn git and GitHub in a more way.

1) TwilioQuest - "Forest of Open Source":

This is game made by Twilio, you will learn about git and GitHub while playing games and doing tasks. Also, you will XP after every task you complete. Link


2) Oh My Git!:

It will let you visualize the internal structures of Git repositories in real-time. Link

Oh My Git!

3) Learn Git Branching:

You can master your git branching concept by visualizing, playing, and doing certain tasks. Link

Learn Git Branching

4) GitHub Learning Lab:

GitHub itself provides a learning track, which grows your skills by completing fun, realistic projects. Link

GitHub Learning Lab

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