Open Source programs

Open Source programs

Learning is a never-ending process, to keep you on track, many organizations host and runs different types of Open Source programs. All programs run with one core value awareness and increase literacy about Open Source.

➤ Why join these programs?

▪️ Contribute towards big projects/Org.

▪️ Learn more about the Open Source.

▪️ Get mentored by industry leaders/mentors.

▪️ Networking.

▪️ Get hired by the Orgs.

▪️ Learn industry contributing standards.

➤ List of programs

Here is a list of some of the programs in which you can participate and enhance your Open Source skills, most of them are beginner-friendly.

▶️ MLH Fellowship

The MLH Fellowship is a 12-week. You will learn and contribute to Open Source projects that every company depends on, like Facebook, GitHub, etc

◾Website -

▶️ Google Summer of Code

In this students are paired with a mentor to contribute toward a single project for which they have to submit the proposal, for a fixed amount timeline. Also

◾Website -

▶️FOSSASIA Codeheat

Codeheat is a coding contest for developers interested in contributing to Open Source software and hardware projects at FOSSASIA. All participants with a minimum of five merged PRs in the entire contest time.

▪️ Website -

▶️Google Season of Docs

Many projects miss good documentation. However, GSoD is a technical writers program, and in which, Open Source organizations come together and work on open source projects documentation.

▪️ Website -

▶️ LFX Mentorship

As an aspiring contributor, you will get a chance to learn and get mentored by experienced open source projects, developers, and maintainers who help you to contribute to some big and real-world projects.

◾Website -

▶️ GSsoC - GirlScript Summer of Code

It's also a 3-month long program, but it's a little different from GSOC, in these, you can select your own project to, which you want to contribute. It's more beginner-friendly.

◾Website -


Hacktoberfest is a yearly event to encourage people to contribute to open source in October. It's a celebration of community, learning, and giving back.

  • There is no application process

▪️Website -

▶️24 Pull Requests

It's an annual event encouraging developers to give back to Open Source projects over the holiday season, by submitting 24 pull requests between December 1 and December 24.

  • No application process

▪️Website -

➤ "The only repo you need"

Aim: To build a GitHub repo and to bring all Bootcamp tweets and materials in one place, which will help the new learners in the future.

Repo Link 👇 (Don't forget to ⭐ the repo).

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