What are the Issues?

What are the Issues?

Issues are ways/methods that inform the repository owner about anything which needs attention, or keep track of like:

▪️ Bug reporting

▪️ Feature request

▪️ Documentation chnages.

🤝Raising an issue also counts as an Open Source contribution.

How to Raise/Open an Issue?


  1. Click on the Issue tab of a Repo

  2. Click on the New Issues.

  3. Add a title and a description.

  4. Submit the Issue

Raising a quality issue.

Elements that a should issue contains.

✅ Proper title

✅ Detailed description of the problem/report

✅ Screenshot (If needed)

✅ Supporting document (if necessary)

A sample Issue image

Untitled design.png

Checking for existing issues in a project.

Before raising/opening an issue, always check whether the issue is already been raised or not.

👇Here, is how to check the existing issues.

Click on the Issue tab.png

Working on an Issue.

You can resolve/fix an issue by working on it and creating a PR for it. You can either work on the issue you created or the existing issue on the project.

Always discuss the issue before starting working on that, by leaving a comment below.

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