What is a repository?

What is a repository?

A repository is usually used to organize a single project. Repositories can contain folders and files, README, images, videos, spreadsheets, and anything your project needs.

Creating a repository (GitHub)

For ease, I made a graphic, on how to create a Repo from scratch.

Image description

General elements a repo should contain:

(Some are already present)

▪️ LICENSE ▪️ Contributing guidelines ▪️ Forks ▪️ Releases ▪️ Issues & Pull Requests

After creating a new repo, it will look something like this.👇

Image description


An open-source license defines rules. for how a repo is modified, shared, and used.

▶️ Contributing guidelines

It's a file present in the repo with a short guide to how they can help with your project and contribute to it.

▶️ Forks

Shows the number of people who have made a copy of a repository.

▶️ Releases & Packages

Releases are deployable software iterations you can package and make available for a wider audience to download and use.

▶️ Issues

Issues let you track your work on GitHub, also, we can raise if we find any bug or any improvement needed in that project.

▶️ Pull Requests

Requesting for changes committed to an external repository.

"The only repo you need"

Aim: To build a GitHub repo and to bring all Bootcamp tweets and materials in one place, which will help the new learners in the future.

This Blog is also part of the 15-day OPEN SOURCE Twitter Bootcamp.

Repo Link 👇 (Don't forget to ⭐ the repo). github.com/Pradumnasaraf/open-source-with-p..

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