What is a Version control system (VCS)?

What is a Version control system (VCS)?

Version control helps in recording changes made to files by keeping a track of modifications done to the code. It is the core of Open Source software. It has become one of the essential skills.

Why use VCS?

Team Collaboration - Many developers can work on different parts of software at a single time.

Tracked Changes — Who, What, When, Why has done that.

Automation - Automated builds and code reviews with Continuous Integration (CI).

Most preferred VCS:

▪️ Git ⭐️ ▪️ Concurrent Versions System (CVS) ▪️ Apache Subversion (SVN): ▪️ Mercurial ▪️ Bazaar

Why git?

Among them, git is the most preferred, also Github (The most popular code hosting platform) directly supports git.

▶️ It provides some features like:

▪️ Distributed System ▪️ Branching ▪️ Speed and Lightweight ▪️ Compatibility

Some companies and projects use git.

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Using the git.

git can be used through bash/terminal and also through GUI.

▶️ Some Basic commands of a git:

▪️ git init — initializes a repository

▪️ git add — adding/staging changes of a file.

▪️ git commit — committing or writing a history of a file.

Resources to learn git.

▶️ Videos tutorial:

▪️ Kunal - youtu.be/apGV9Kg7ics

▪️ FreeCodeCamp - youtu.be/RGOj5yH7evk

▶️ Blogs:

▪️ HubSpot - product.hubspot.com/blog/git-and-github-tut..

▪️ FreeCodeCamp - freecodecamp.org/news/learn-the-basics-of-g..

▪️ Pradumna Saraf - blog.pradumnasaraf.dev/learn-git-and-github..

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