What is an Open Source contribution?

What is an Open Source contribution?

▪️ Open Source contribution is giving back to the communities, by improving the projects by making valuable changes to them, make them better.

▪️ Communities are the core and most valuable part of Open Source.

Why contribute to open source?

▪️ Payback to the community

▪️ Meet like-minded people

▪️ Improve existing skills

▪️ Learn people skills

▪️ Find mentors

"You don’t have to contribute code"

▪️ A common misconception about contributing to open source is that you need to contribute code. Code is a very small part of Open Source. We can contribute on

▪️ Language translation

▪️ Designing

▪️ Video

▪️ Documentation

▪️ Rasing Issues

▶️ Language Translation

Converting the project documentation into different languages makes it easier for native speakers to understand the project structure, so they can understand and use the project easily.

▶️ Rasing Issues

Reporting any kind of errors or mistakes.

▶️Documentation :

It's one of the most crucial parts of any project, without it, it's hard for contributors as well as developers to understand that project. We can improve it by adding things like:

▪️ Steps to follow

▪️ Important code snippets

▪️ Prerequisites

▪️ Screenshots


Every project contains some graphics either on the documentation side or the product itself (Like the website, Mobile Apps).


Some projects also need video tutorials and "how to do" videos.

➤ Code contributions:

▶️ Code contribution consists of:

▪️ Adding a feature.

▪️ Fixing a bug

▪️ Streamlining the code (Refactor)

▪️ Reporting code vulnerabilities

▪️ Testing code

▪️ Technical discussion

"The only repo you need"

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