What is Open Source?

What is Open Source?

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Open Source or Open source software is software with source code publically available, anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.

Why Open Source?

✔️ Community - Millions of developers are actively contributing to the projects.

✔️ Transparency - As code is publically available, the user has must better clarity on their data.

✔️ Quality - Thousands of developers are reviewing and seeing the code.

Closed Source Software (or Proprietary Software ) vs Open Source

In recent years companies are shunning closed-source software due to the slow innovation pace that takes place.

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◼ Mozilla Firefox - Browser

◼ Ubuntu - Operating system

◼ Docker - Containerization platform

◼ daily. dev - Extension and App for blogs.

Some more category-wise.

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Big org involved in the Open Source (Name - GitHub org.):

◼ Microsoft -github.com/microsoft

◼ Google - github.com/google

◼ Facebook - github.com/facebook

◼ RedHat - github.com/RedHatOfficial

◼ Docker- github.com/docker

"The only repo you need"

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