What is Pull Request (PR)?

What is Pull Request (PR)?

Requesting your changes to get added into the original/main repo.

We made changes on Fork and then create a PR from our branch to the main repo.

▶️Changes can be of any type:



▪️Design, etc.

Firstly what is Fork?

The fork is making a copy of a repository. So that you can experiment without affecting the original repo.

We can't directly make changes to the others repo, we need to fork it, make changes, and then request them to add those changes to the original.


Creating a Fork:


0) Go on the Repo you want to Fork.

1) Click on the Fork button in the top right corner.

2) Select an account (select account will only pop up if you have an Org account included.)

Here is the Video

Click on Fork.png

Creating a Pull Request:


0) Added the changes to the fork by (committing).

1) Click on "Contribute" then "Open Pull Request".

2) Add a description of the problem is solved by this PR.

3) Finally click on "Create Pull Request"

Here is the Video

Untitled design.png

Creating a good PR

✅Make Your PRs Small.

✅Make a Clear Description.

✅Try to add screenshots.

✅Create an issue first (If needed)

✅Linking the Issue number properly (If there).

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