Open Source best practices

Open Source best practices

Following some good practices, help you streamline your Open Source contribution and help you a lot while selecting a project and contributing to it.

Here are some of the best Open Source practices.

➤ Here are some of the best Open Source practices.

▶️ Always look for Open issues, before opening a new one

There might be a possibility that someone has already raised an issue for the same thing, which you are trying to open.

▶️ Check for the closed pull requests.

Checking that will give you insights about the project's health and maintainers, like

▪️ Has the project welcomed new changes/ideas

▪️ How they are supporting new contributors

▪️ How do they close PR, which doesn't align with the project?

▶️ Raise an issue before creating a PR.

Opening an Issue and discussing things before creating a PR important, because there might be a possibility that the project is not expecting those changes, and confirming before might saves your as well as Maintainer's effort.

▶️ The smaller the PR, the more likely it will be reviewed and merged.

Instead of creating one big PR and fixing multiple things at a time, try to open multiple PR and fix things. Changing multiple things might be hard for reviewers to test.

▶️ Reviewing Pull Requests takes time.

Reviewing PR can take a few days or even weeks because many maintainers are doing it voluntarily, and they might have other work to do, some have a full-time job, and some are busy reviewing other projects as well, have some patience.

▶️ Open to feedback

There is always the possibility that the contribution can be optimized and refactored in a better way and the reviewer might suggest doing some changes.

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